Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Property & Finance Meeting 12/12/2012

An Update from the Property & Finance Meeting last night: Dr. Moore, the school district business manager, reported that there were some changes in the original budget projections and that there were some savings found but we will still have a $5.1 million deficit for next year's budget. This does not include the $3.3 million that will be taken from our cash reserve and transferred to the operat...ing budget for next year. That's a total budget gap of $8.4 million for next year alone. This is assuming a 0% tax increase (which should be expected since the majority of the new school board candidates pledged to not raise taxes). Mr. Carpenter asked Dr. Moore to analyze the budget assuming a 0% increase for salaries. A few members of the public asked why they wouldn't also figure in a 0% tax increase instead of assuming that there will be a 1.70% tax increase.
There was also a change in protocol for the public responding to agenda items. In the past, the public was permitted to comment or ask questions prior to the vote, but now the public must wait until the end of the meeting to respond AFTER the vote has been decided. Mr. Carpenter said that he would consider going back to the orginal format because a few of the community members didn't feel that it was fair to allow the public to comment after the vote was determined to be added to the consent agenda (which is voted on at the school board meeting).

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